Opening of Paranoia Places Its Faith In Exposure at the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts at Harvard, September 13 to October 7, sponsored by the Department of Visual and Environmental Studies. Curated by David Rodowick. Shown in conjunction with a new work by Michael Wang titled Differentiation Series.

DANCE PARTY PUBLIC, a new performance work by Jesse Aron Green and Hana van der Kolk, will be presented in April 2013 , sponsored by the Peter Ivers Visiting Artist Program and the Office for the Arts at Harvard.

"Consisting of over fifty paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs and video-works, Paranoia Places Its Faith in Exposure will kick off a year of programming at the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts at Harvard, in celebration of the building's 50th anniversary. The title is borrowed from a poem of the same name by Brian Blanchfield, a friend and collaborator of Green's, who took the phrase from theorist Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick's book Touching Feeling, which draws upon Paul Ricoeur's work on Sigmund Freud, who based much of his early research on paranoia upon the memoirs of Daniel Paul Schreber, the fin-de-siècle judge-turned-lunatic (who, it should be noted, provided the inspiration for Green's most well-known work to date, titled Ärztliche Zimmergymnastik, which had its premiere installation at Tate Modern in 2008). The title, like all of the work in the exhibition, is the means to an exploration of intellectual, artistic, historical, personal and narcotic influence, all within the bounds of Le Corbusier's landmark Carpenter Center, from which Green takes formal, material and stupefacient inspiration."

Opening at Vogt Gallery of group show titled "Beneath" featuring work by Maiken Bent, Tatiana Blass, Travis Boyer, Jesse Aron Green, Philipp Messner, MPA, Paul Mpagi Sepuya and Zach Storm.

Jesse Aron Green Projects has been approved for fiscal sponsorship by Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization.

Opening of The Eye of the Collector at MAMbo, Bologna. Curated by Julia Draganović and Claudia Löffelholz LaRete Art Projects for Arte Fiera Art First. Featuring video works from the collection of Manuel de Santaren. The artist list includes Maria Josè Arjona, Niklas Goldbach, Jesse Aron Green, William Lamson, McCollum and Tarry, Hans Op de Beeck, Chrischa Venus Oswald, Luigi Presicce, Isabel Rocamora, Janaina Tschäpe.

From the curators: "The striking power of the visual that doesn’t need a word to explain itself – the video pieces in Manuel de Santaren’s collection live from this. They are the proof that bodies and images in movement are the essential elements of an effective language for this medium , it does not need much more. But the most difficult thing to achieve is simplicity. The small selection of videos chosen for the Eye of the Collector will present the variety of ways in which speechless moving images are able to generate amusement or admiration, emotion, tenderness or rejection, confusion or enlightenment!"

Opening of The Displaced Person at Invisible-Exports Gallery, New York, featuring work by Ron Athey, Walt Cassidy, Jesse Aron Green, Geof Oppenheimer, and Sue Williams.

"Public space is palimpsest, an accidental archive of imperious elements and refugee cultures, competing claims, misfits, dissidents, legacies and outcasts, all cast together and called, simultaneously, forward. But what goes by the name of renewal, in city life and politics, in arts and culture, is often just a flattening, a sorting, sometimes even an obliteration. The work gathered here, by five artists exploring the libidinous zone between public and intimate, sanctioned and condemned, suggests instead that displacement, exclusion, and alienation, as much as they are symptoms of social failure, can return as civic virtues. In fact, they must."

Attended the Wang Center for the Performing Arts 85th Anniversary Gala, and gave a speech about the importance of the arts for the youth of Boston. Reported in the Improper Bostonian.

Opening of Kuan Hwa's Yunxiang Gao Plays "Ambush on All Sides" for Pipa in the "Fourth Wall" series of video screenings at Vox Populi Gallery, Philadelphia, Pa. Curated by Jesse Aron Green for the months of February, June and November 2011, the series will feature videos curated by Cecilia Dougherty, Kevin McGarry and Elisabeth Subrin during the other months of the year.

Yunxiang Gao Plays "Ambush on All Sides" for Pipa focuses in part on how technical movements can demonstrate knowledge. The featured composition "Ambush on All Sides" for the Chinese lute, depicts an epic battle in 202 BC during the Warring States period in China, and the song is attributed to no individual composer and has no date of composition. It had historically been maintained solely by oral tradition and demonstration as part of the martial style repertoire, until the first version of its musical score was documented in the 1800's.

Kuan Hwa works with various media to question the paradigms of aesthetics with regard to globalism and historical memory. He has previously shown installations and performance work in Japan, Italy, and here in the US, and holds BA degrees in World Literature and Studio Art from UCLA. He is currently in the MFA program at UC Irvine with an emphasis in Critical Theory.

Opening of a solo show of photographs at Carroll and Sons Gallery.

Opening of Dance/Draw at ICA Boston, featuring Ärztliche Zimmergymnastik.

Opening of the 10th Annual Pro Arte Festival in which contemporary art is installed in traditional museums across Saint Petersburg; featuring Ärztliche Zimmergymnastik installed in the Museum of Hygiene.

Arrival in warsaw for the opening of "The Allies" which will take place on July 15 at CCA Ujazdowski.

Willem Henri Lucas and his design for Dispatches and Directions: On Artist Run Organizations in Los Angeles is honored by the AIGA as one of the 50 most outstanding books and book covers designed in 2010. The AIGA Design Archives have a collection of notable design, housed both online and at their physical archive at the Denver Art Museum. “AIGA 50 Books/50 Covers” will also be mounted as a public exhibition traveling the country in 2011.

opening of jane jin-kaisen and guston sondin-kung's the woman, the orphan, and the tiger in the "fourth wall" series of video screenings at vox populi gallery, philadelphia, pa. curated by jesse aron green for the months of february, june and november 2011, the series will feature videos curated by cecilia dougherty, kevin mcgarry and elisabeth subrin during the other months of the year.

The Woman, The Orphan, and The Tiger is an endeavor to re-think dominant narratives of international adoption from South Korea to the United States and Europe by situating international adoption within a longer history of military and patriarchal violence against women and children. The film spans from the era of Japanese colonization of South Korea from 1910-1945, to the emergence of the Cold War, through South Korea's militarized modernity, and the permanent installment of US hegemony in South Korea from the 1950s onwards. The film explores how bio-political violence onto women's and children's bodies have been mobilized for national security and economic growth and became central in geopolitical negotiations between South Korea, the United States, and Japan. This part of world history has been systematically silenced, but largely due to efforts of the 'diaspora' it is beginning to surface and counter dominant narratives in South Korea and in the West.

Jane Jin Kaisen (1980) is a visual artist working in a project-based manner in the mediums of film, performance, and installation around questions concerning political subjectivity and the formation of collective memory from a postcolonial and transnational feminist perspective. She was adopted from Korea to Denmark and received her education from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, The Whitney Museum Independent Study Program in New York, and The Interdisciplinary Studio Art Program at UCLA in Los Angeles. She is co-founder of the artist collectives UFOLab (Unidentified Foreign Object laboratory) and Chamber of Public Secrets. She has screened her films, exhibited, and performed at venues such as Incheon Women Artists Biennale, Gana Art Gallery New York, Kyoto Arts Center, Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival, FIKE International Film Festival in Portugal, Hong Kong International Short Film & video Festival, 798 Art Zone in Beijing, The National Gallery in Indonesia, 798 Factory in Beijing, The 2nd Deformes Biennale at Gallery Metropolitana in Chile, and the 25th International Asia Pacific Film Festival in Los Angeles.

Guston Sondin-Kung (1982) has been working as a visual artist primarily in experimental film and performance. His artwork focuses on how systems of knowledge are constructed through emerging contested histories. This investigation is derived from a transnational and postcolonial perspective with the aim of generating alternative genealogies. He has exhibited his work at Nikolaj Kunsthal, CCA Kitakyushu Museum, MOCA Geffen Contemporary, Scandinavia House New York and SolwayJones Gallery Los Angeles. He has also received grants from The J. Paul Getty Museum, Yip Harburg Foundation, The James Irvine Foundation, The Rosalinde and Arthur Gilbert Foundation and The Ford Foundation.

Witness, 2008, is screened in Oporto, Portugal as part of Between Document and Fiction, curated by José Carlos Teixeira.

The program features work by Alexandra do Carmo, Alyse Emdur, Ana Fonseca, Bernardo Oyarzún, Bettina Camilla Vestergaard, Brian Cassidy, Carlos Noronha Feio, Cristina Regadas, Daniel Barroca, David Etxeberria, Eduardo Matos, Emily Roysdon, Gina Osterloh, Graciela Fuentes, Hugo Paquete, Ingrid Wildi Merino, Jeffrey Wells, Jesse Aron Green, João Baeta, John Hawke, José Carlos Teixeira, Josh Weinstein, Joshua Callaghan, Julie Lequin, Julie Orser, Kim Schoen, Lindsay Lawson, Lori Schindler, ±Maismenos±, Manuel Santos Maia, Margarida Paiva, Martinha Maia, Melanie Shatzky, Michelle Dizon, Mónica de Miranda, Paulo Mendes, Pedro Diniz Reis, Rita Castro Neves, Rodrigo Vilhena, Rui Inácio, Rui Mourão, Sarah Fitzsimons, Sofia Barreira, Sofia Ponte, Susana Anágua, Sylvie Boisseau+Frank Westermeyer, Tiago Pereira, Tiny Domingos, Valère Chanceaulme, and Virgínia Mota.

Arrival at the Wexner Center for the Arts Film/Video Studio Program to finish The Allies.

Opening of Force Tracking at the Williams College Museum of Art, curated by Lisa Corrin.

05.05.11 (online) + 05.19.11 (live)
LACE (Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions) Benefit Art Auction.

Featuring work by Kim Abeles, Lisa Anne Auerbach, Justin Baldwin, Steven Bankhead, Jen Bervin, Alison Blickle, Jennifer Boysen, Kelly Breslin, Madison Brookshire, Paul Butler, Juan Capistran, Guillermo Carnevale, Jamie Chan, Mariano Chavez, Fritz Chestnut, Young Chung, Alice Clements, Genevieve Coutroubis, Liz Craft, Dorit Cypis, Cali Thornhill Dewitt, Molly Dilworth, Sarah Dougherty, Chris Duncan, Shannon Ebner, Amir Fallah, James Benjamin Franklin, Joe Goode, Tm Gratkowski, Jesse Aron Green, Iva Gueorguieva, Lia Halloran, Channing Hansen, Doug Harvey, Kathleen Henderson, George Herms, Katie Herzog, Peter Holzhauer, Peregrine Honig, Channa Horwitz, Pearl C Hsiung, Ben Jackel, Corrina Peipon and Jill Spector, Alexander Kantarovsky, Flora Kao, Amy Kaps, Michae Kelly, Alex Klein, Becky Kolsrud, Shio Kusaka, Stella Lai, Molly Larkey, Margie Livingston, Karen Lofgren, Brian Lund, Jerome Marshak, Christopher Michlig, Allison Miller, Katie Murken, Karina Nimmerfall, Jeff Ono, Ruby Osorio, Arthur Ou, Jim Ovelmen, Mike Pierzynski, Max Presneill, Sara Rara, Josh Rickards, Steve Roden, Miguel Rothschild, Shizu Saldamando, Chris Scarborough, Susan Silton, Alex Slade, Curtis Stage, Thad Strode, Kenneth Tam, Mateo Tannatt, Camilla Taylor, Cody Trepte, Chris Trueman, Marjan Vayghan, Erica Vogt, Ellen von Unwerth, Christine Wang, Chris Wilder, Lisa Williamson, Andre Yi, Brenna Youngsblood, and more.

Curated by Doris Berger, York Chang, Ryan Conder, Meg Cranston, Sarah Cromarty, Shana Nys Dambrot, David P. Earle, Amir Fallah, Luke Fischbeck, Howard Fox, Michael Ned Holte, Nina Katchadourian, Alex Klein, Molly Larkey, Lisa Mark, Karen Moss, Kristina Newhouse, Renaud Proch, Elysa Voshell, Liat Yossifor and LACE.

Bid on my work here.

Awarded cec artslink projects grant for exhibition of "The Allies" in Warsaw at CCA Ujazdowski.

Attended the colloquium on the future of visual studies at the Clark Art Institute.

reading by poet brian blanchfield of new work, including not even then published by the university of california press as part of its new california poetry series; and the forthcoming personel. discussion with jesse aron green to follow. 7:30pm, paresky auditorium, williams college.

first class of the spring semester at williams. on the docket: agamben, lanzmann's shoah, thomas bernhard, heimrad bäcker, maggie nelson, j. m. coetzee, walid ra'ad....

opening of michelle dizon's empire in the "fourth wall" series of video screenings at vox populi gallery, philadelphia, pa. curated by jesse aron green for the months of february, june and november 2011, the series will feature videos curated by cecilia dougherty, kevin mcgarry and elisabeth subrin during the other months of the year.

empire (abs-cbn) comes from dizon's on-going cycle of works, empire, in fragments, which deal with the philippines' colonial and neo-colonial history in an era of globalization. the videos that comprise the installation include shots of the movie theater at the former us military bases, shots of the walls that enclose the former seat of spanish colonial power, shots of recently built infrastructure by the us on the southern war-torn island of mindanao, and shots of the media conglomerate abs-cbn's broadcast tower during a new year's celebration. all of these fragments weave together a spatial and temporal experience of the question of empire as it continues in the global south in general and in the philippines in particular. empire (abs-cbn) documents the philippine media conglomerate abs-cbn's broadcast tower during a new year's celebration in 2009. the work recalls warhol's empire in which warhol filmed the empire state building and slowed the film to a duration of eight hours. what is different in dizon's work is that the "empire" is not the name of the building, but rather, a political history in the context of the philippine nation state and its colonial and neo-colonial history.

michelle dizon is an artist, filmmaker, and scholar. her work focuses on questions of postcoloniality, globalization, migration, social movements, human rights, and historical memory. she works between los angeles and manila. dizon has had solo exhibitions at the cue art foundation in new york city, the art gallery at the university of texas, arlington, and the vargas museum in manila, philippines. her work has been exhibited in group shows internationally including the redcat gallery (la, ca), galleryloop (seoul, korea), kor-i-noor (copenhagen, denmark), tate modern (london, england), para/site art space (hong kong, china), luckman gallery (la, ca), yerba buena center for the arts (sf, ca) , los angeles contemporary exhibitions (la, ca), and the pacific film archive (berkeley, ca). she has taught in the program in photography and media at the california institute of the arts and she is currently on the faculty of the vermont college of fine arts. dizon holds a ba in english and history of art from the university of california berkeley and an mfa in interdisciplinary studio from the department of art at the university of california, los angeles. she is completing a ph.d. in the rhetoric with designated emphases in film and women, gender, and sexuality at the university of california, berkeley.

opening of collective show los angeles 2011, an artist-organized exhibition of contemporary art groups recently established in los angeles. this collaboratively curated “group show of group shows” features artist-run spaces and projects formed in the past five years, including art2102 in the form of their newly published book on artist-run organizations titled dispatches and directions. over 20 groups will exhibit artwork, publications and posters during the show at a newly renovated space in chinatown.

opening of versuch "notes and projects," a journal and exhibition curated by gil leung, at hollybush gardens, unit 2, bj house 10 - 14 hollybush gardens, london.

exhibition featuring: ed atkins, babette mangolte & robert morris, bevis martin & charlie youle, lucy pawlak, pamela rosenkranz, alexandre singh, patrick ward. events featuring: david raymond conroy, redmond entwistle, francesco pedraglio, heather phillipson. journal featuring: jesse ash, ed atkins, andrea büttner, david raymond conroy, jesse aron green, pablo lafuente, liang & liang, bevis martin & charlie youle, charlotte moth, francesco pedraglio, colin perry, heather phillipson, paul pieroni, hannah rickards, alexandre singh, luke skrebowski, alexis marguerite teplin, jesper list thomsen.

book launch at LAXART for dispatches and directions: on artist run organizations in los angeles. a compendium of works, thoughts, essays and practical information on artist-run initiatives, the book is also the last project of art2102, edited by ronni kimm and jesse aron green. its launch will feature a day-long program of talks by area artists, curators and other arts professionals.

artist talk titled "minimal difference" at the graduate program, uc irvine

interview with oliver wunsch for art21 blog, titled open enrollment: disciplinary complex

opening of move: choreographing you at the hayward gallery, southbank centre, london, uk, featuring ärztliche zimmergymnastik in its archive.

interview published in flash art magazine, issue no. 274, october 2010. info here.

opening of solo show at halle 14 in leipzig, featuring ärztliche zimmergymnastik, select plates from illustration and description of the medico-gymnastic exercises and from das aufschreibedsystem, and other related works. information here. the show is featured on the cover of the city newspaper.

first day teaching as the arthur leavitt fellow at williams college.

opening of the 12th international architecture exhibition of the venice biennale which includes a screening of ärztliche zimmergymnastik as part of the berger & berger cinema project. see the full program here.

performance of "unsignal" at the robin howard dance theater at the place. choreographed by joe moran, "unsignal" is based on conceptual, theoretical and poetic ideas as they have been culled from written texts contributed by artists and thinkers from around the world.

contributors include: aladin, henrietta bannerman, frank bock, mary chamberlain, rachel lois clapham, augusto corrieri, charlotte darbyshire, ben evans, jesse aron green, paul halferty, ray jacobs, bojana kunst, julie mayo, tim miller, joe moran, julie nathanielsz, yvonne ng, betty nigianni, stina nyberg, florence peake, piki pollard, zoë poluch, helen poynor, alexandra russ, stephanie skura, sarah whatley and martin welton.

more info here.

arrival at denniston hill residency, woodridge, ny.

the premiere of to draw old monuments from the entrails of the earth as part of bizarre animals: an evening of contemporary art interventions at the harvard museum of of natural history. participating artists include: lucky dragons, noah feehan/aka, greg gagnon, liz glynn, jesse aron green, lisa haber-thomson, harlo holmes, rebecca lieberman, hanna rose shell, and carlin wing. 7:00-9:00pm, 26 oxford st., cambridge, ma.

opening of the first thing at redling fine art, los angeles, ca, curated by matt siegle. participating artists include: jesse aron green, nicholas grider, rj messineo, lisa ohlweiler and clarissa tossin. 7:00-9:00pm, 990 north hill st., suite 210, los angeles, ca. show runs until may 1. for a press release click here.

published to coincide with the inclusion of ärztliche zimmergymnastik in the 2010 whitney biennial is an artist book consisting of 45 photographs and 122 computer-assisted drawings, signed and in an edition of 150; available for $45 at the whitney museum bookshop, from the whitney online here or directly from the artist using Google Checkout by clicking here. for more details and images from the book, click here.

los angeles launch party for material issue 2 at the end, 5002 monte vista avenue, 8:00-10:00pm. featuring musical interpretations by lucky dragons of texts by adam berg, ellen birrell, ginny cook, maria fusco, jesse aron green, daniel hockenson, jonathan miles, regine petersen, kim schoen, Emma Shercliff and jesper list thomsen, including four deaths, self-inflicted.

between art and theater: genealogies of performance panel discussion, presented by idiom, part of the 2010 no passport conference. featuring joel bassin, shawn-marie garrett, jesse aron green and andrea merkx. 1:00pm at the nuyorican poet's cafe, 236 e. 3rd st., new york, ny.

ärztliche zimmergymnastik presented as part of the 2010 whitney biennial.

listen to curators francesco bonami and gary carrion-murayari talk about the work in this excerpt from the whitney biennial audio guide.
alt : http://www.jessearongreen.com/files/17---113b---jesse-aron-green.mp3

reading of four deaths, self-inflicted at redcat, los angeles, for the launch of material issue 2.

interview on TVPinfo, polish television, about casting and shooting the allies.

artist talk, including a reading of four deaths, self-inflicted at the center for contemporary art ujazdowski in warsaw, poland.

a field of undifferentiated marks; i.e., a referent, unattributed elsewhere (if indexed here) included in session_7_words at am nuden da, london, to coincide with launch of material issue 2. for a pdf of a review of the show on artforum.com, click here.

reading of four deaths, self-inflicted at whitechapel gallery, london, for launch of material issue 2. for a pdf of the invitation, click here.

the portrait of jack goldstein, exhibited at vox populi, philadelphia, pennsylvania.

exhibition at ogura gallery and open studio, cca kitakyushu, japan.

published catalogue essay titled why i like frescobol for "i like winners: sports and selfhood" at sheppard fine arts, curated by marjorie vecchio.

exhibition at ogura gallery, cca kitakyushu, japan.

ärztliche zimmergymnastik presented as a special project in the oil tanks at tate modern to coincide with the frieze art fair.

arrival in japan after being named a henry luce foundation scholar.

ärztliche zimmergymnastik presented as part of glamfa, the greater la masters of fine arts exhibition at csulb.

ärztliche zimmergymnastik installed in an empty grain silo as part of the fruit farm film festival in mcminnville, oregon.

ucla mfa exhibition, new wight gallery at the eli and edythe broad art center, with farrah karapetian, juliana romano, and mateo tannatt.

deadpan series of drawings included in stoneface, a group exhibition with john baldessari, dan graham, lee lazano, rachel mason, richard prince, mark roeder and maya schindler at foca, los angeles, curated by sarah lehrer-graiwer and stacy bengston.

2006 wight biennial: anxiety of influence, curated by jesse aron green, daniel horn, vishal jugdeo and jacob stewart-halevy, featuring the work of justin beal, andrea büttner, ben dowell, derek dunlop, peter jaques, michael james jones, paul kajander, manuela leal, oliver lutz, emilio j. narcisso, michael euyung oh, yo okada, isabelle pauwels, luis romero & suwon lee, kim schoen, and tris vonna-michell.