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A Field of Undifferentiated Marks (Except for These); i.e., A Referent, Unattributed Elsewhere (If Indexed Here) was included in Session_7_Words at Am Nuden Da gallery in London, to coincide with the launch of Material Issue 2 in December 2009.

82 Artists were invited to email a "text piece" to Am Nuden Da, after which the texts were formatted according to the following rules: all pieces were set in Arial font, sized 10 point, and printed on a single sheet of A4 size white paper.

The participating artists were:Øystein Aasan, Marya Alford, Kathryn Andrews, Adriana Salazar Arroyo, Jesse Ash, Charles Avery, Fiona Banner, Becky Beasley, Stephanie Bolt, Olivia Booth, Stefan Brüggemann, Matthew Buckingham, Andrea Büttner, Stefan Burger, Joshua Callaghan, Carrit & Palmer, Alejandro Cesarco, Jake Chapman, Terry Chatkupt, Hsiao Chen, Paolo Chiasera, Marcus Civin, David Raymond Conroy, Simon Cunningham, Robin Dicker, Aleksandra Domanovic, Samuel Fouracre, Maria Fusco, Aurélien Gamboni, Ryan Gander, Joy Gerrard, Douglas Gordon, Alyssa Gorelick, Jesse Aron Green, Lina Viste Grønli, Emilie Halpern, Will Holder, Yngve Holen, David Horvitz, Sven Johne, Farrah Karapetian, Peter Kirby, Susan Kordalewski, Jenny Moore Koslowsky, Oliver Laric, Ian Law, Wiebke Leister, George Henry Longly, Shana Lutker, Ignacio Mardones, Helen Marten, Elizabeth McAlpine, Jessica Minckley, Daniel Mueller-Friedrichsen, Melanie Nakaue, Arthur Ou, Katrina Palmer, Douglas Park, Katie Paterson, Chris Peters, Regine Petersen, Kate Pickering, Philomene Pirecki, Wolfgang Plöger, David Price, Dan Rees, Olivier Richon, Declan Rooney, Martha Rosler, Giles Round, Ama Saru, Scanlon & Grivell, Roland Seto, Emma Shercliff, Cally Spooner, Jack Strange, Roman Vasseur, Lawrence Weiner, Richard Wentworth, Dee Williams, Duncan Wooldridge, Charlie Woolley, Cerith Wyn Evans, Eric Yahnker, and Viola Yesiltac.

Click here to view images of the installation. For a pdf of a review of the show on artforum.com, click here.